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We believe in teaching young people the value of discipline, goal-setting and perseverance. We walk alongside our students, offering challenging lesson plans, unforgettable performance opportunities, caring instructors and individualized plans for success.

While our program is known for training technically proficient and versatile artists, we are most proud of the poised and prepared young adults that graduate from our program each year.

Since 1992, EMC has been committed to enriching the lives of children in our community through the arts! Your child will shine at EMC, even if she/he doesn’t aspire to pursue a professional career in the arts. The lessons taught here will help mold your child into a responsible, hard-working individual on the road to success, all while having fun.

Happy Parents and Happy Kids

Robin has assembled something in New Freedom, PA that is much more than a dance studio; it is home and a second family to so many daughters, sons, mothers and fathers. The crowd of 1,000 tonight can testify to this… and I refuse to call these shows a “recital” as the word does not begin to describe the quality of the performance.


This was my 4 year old daughter’s first dance performance and the Class Moms kept things in check and made it very easy for us. This was the first time she was away from me and EVERYONE was so caring and made a great impact on my daughter. She has been talking non-stop about her teachers and her Class Moms and asks when can she dance on the big stage again! She has made so many new friends. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her at EMC.


Thank you so much for all of your effort, time, and love that went into the theater presentation last night. Emma had a blast. She used to be so shy and reserved, but she has blossomed so much, her confidence just taking off. I was so proud to see her deliver her lines on that stage in front of a lot of people. I loved how Mackey helped her read. I was a little worried given she’s only 6, that reading the lines might be a roadblock, but she’s killing it! Thank you!


I wanted to express how happy we are with the Discovery Gym program! My daughter had tried acrobatics before at a large center where there were 15+ kids to one teacher and she got very discouraged, especially when she fell off the bars and no one saw. Tonight was our second week at EMC and I couldn’t be happier. The assistant coach is wonderful with her. Every time he saw her struggling he pulled her aside and worked with her. This means so much to her. Every teacher we have had at EMC, whether it be dance or gymnastics has a true passion for what they are teaching and it shows. Thank you for running such a great program!


Thank you for creating this online dance program. I know you and your Team are working harder than ever to bring dance to our children during the pandemic. You are providing your students with a chance to improve their skills at their own pace. My daughter is dancing every day and her at-home studio is getting more use than ever. She is pushing herself to try new things, and it does not even feel like work to her. What you have been able to accomplish with your Team in bringing dance to the home is priceless!


We Care About Keeping Our Community Healthy

At EMC, we are not only concerned with keeping our community safe from the coronavirus,
but we are also working to ensure the mental and physical well-being of our EMC Family.
Of course, we are following all the recommended protocols to stop the spread…but we are
also working to provide opportunities for socialization and normalcy for our young people.
As always, we nurture the whole child, and that means listening to our customers and
providing choices that enable each family to return according to their individual comfort levels.
We will meet you where you are.